Mind and Body

Trauma Resolution wants those in Palm Bay to understand that we believe that modern science, traditions and human connection are all part of the same whole and that the true path to improving health lies in both self-improvement and self-empowerment. In the hustle and anxiety brought up by everyday life, it is important to get back to basics and realize your internal potential.

The scientifically-validated Mind-Body treatment techniques by the Center can enhance Palm Bay 's inhabitants by making them realize their capacity for self-awareness and self-care. By taking a holistic approach, Trauma Resolution believes in a fully comprehensive and integrated approach to your well-being. Techniques utilized run the full spectrum of Mind-Body exercises. From imagery, to mindful dialog and an array of other methods, there is sure to be a process that is right for you.

No two people in Palm Bay are alike, this is why the Center takes a client focused approach. Trauma Resolution believes in delivering a fully customizable and tailored experience that is designed to suit you and your needs.

Some of the more popular practices include interactive dialogue and imagery. These practices allow the client to express themselves clearly and efficiently and they also help the therapist identify a variety of symptoms of stress including repressed memories, post traumatic experiences as well as many pre-operative and post-operative conditions and anxieties. Not only will your expectations be met, they will be exceeded.