Before my treatment with Donna I was complaining of shoulder and mid back discomfort. I have tried many different types of treatment to try and find relief without success. I found her treatment to be very healing on my body allowing for release of tension and resolution of discomfort in my shoulder and mid back area. I would recommend her treatment for anyone who is not finding relief with other types of therapeutic modalities. Michael Gallarano, Co- Owner Positive Change Health Center.

I did not know what to expect when I entered into my therapy session with Donna Suares. She asked me if I had any problem areas and being a very fit person, my main areas were from recent workout strain. As I lay on the table and Donna began her treatment, she asked me about the tension she felt and so began a process of identifying the mind body connection and healing of the very things I had been trying to process on my own. As the days after my treatment came and went, I noticed my old patterns didn’t have the same hold on me and an ease that came naturally. I wake up in the morning with a fresh outlook and clarity that had been eluding me. Thank you Donna for a wonderful healing!

Jan O’Han, Co-Owner Positive Change Health Center

Positively Yours,
Michael and Jan
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