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The Quality of Life Inventory (QOLI) provides a score that indicates a person's overall satisfaction with life. People's life satisfaction is based on how well their needs, goals, and wishes are being met in important areas of life.



This individual's satisfaction with life is Very Low. This person is extremely unhappy and unfulfilled in life. Individuals with scores in this range lack enthusiasm for life and feel that their lives lack meaning or purpose. They cannot get their basic needs met and cannot achieve their goals in important areas of life such as love, work, and retirement. If they have a list of goals they want to achieve in their lifetime, their overall success in doing so is extremely low. In general, their most cherished needs, goals, and wishes have not been fulfilled.

People with scores in this range may lack important skills needed for achieving their goals in life. They may also be in unrewarding or difficult circumstances that they must improve or abandon before they can have more meaningful and satisfying lives. They may be unduly pessimistic about their chances for happiness in key areas of life, and their standards for success or fulfillment in areas such as love, work, and retirement may be unrealistically high or impossible to attain.

People scoring in this range are at risk for experiencing problems in relationships, health, work, retirement, and educational activities or pursuits. These risks will remain until their scores reach or exceed the Average range. Very Low scores are an indication that they should re-evaluate their lifetime goals and find new and more effective ways to meet these goals. If they are not able to do this on their own, they should be evaluated by a primary care physician. Counseling or coaching is also recommended.


The Weighted Satisfaction Profile explains the basis for a person's overall happiness by identifying the specific areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction that make up the overall QOLI score.

Weighted satisfaction ratings for each area in the Satisfaction Profile range from -6 (Extremely Dissatisfied) to 6 (Extremely Satisfied). Areas of life with positive satisfaction ratings indicate areas of fulfillment and strength for a person. In contrast, areas with negative satisfaction ratings (ratings of -6 and -4 are of greatest concern and urgency) indicate areas in need of improvement. The higher the negative rating, the more dissatisfied the person is in that area. Because overall satisfaction is determined by a person's satisfaction in specific areas, boosting satisfaction in some areas will also boost his or her overall sense of meaning, purpose, or satisfaction.

It is important to note that the QOLI omits areas of life from the overall satisfaction equation if the person indicated that they are not important. The QOLI also gives greater weight to areas of life that the individual rated Extremely Important than to those he or she rated Important. The reason for this is that satisfaction in areas that people care about the most (highly valued areas) has a greater influence on overall life satisfaction than the same level of satisfaction in areas of less importance.

The following weighted satisfaction ratings indicate areas of dissatisfaction for this person:



None omitted.

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